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Why We Love Condos Built By Anthem

Anthem Properties has a great reputation as a builder of high quality homes in Vancouver, British Columbia for many decades. Anthem has a great track record of creating communities, and building the right homes at the right time providing great value to purchasers, and a home they never want to sell.

In many cases, Anthem conducts sales as the building is in the final stages of construction, as opposed to years before. This can be a great option for those wanting a new home, but not wanting to wait a long time, with the bonus that you know exactly what you are purchasing. We will also forever love how Anthem stepped up with innovative solutions that preserved the Qube building in downtown Vancouver.

Anthem Properties In Their Own Words

Founded in 1991 by Eric Carlson, Anthem is a real estate development company focused on investment, development and management of commercial and residential properties.

Our growing residential portfolio includes more than 15,000 homes that are complete, in design or currently under construction, from master planned mixed use residential and multifamily, to townhome and single family communities.

Like any building, it starts with a foundation. Long before breaking ground, we invest heavily in a rigorous process of research, planning and due diligence to ensure a successful outcome.

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